Piece of mind.

I kept staring at the wall , the crippling paint , the sticky notes that reminded me of how much I am lagging, the ‘to do’ list that has remained same for the entire week,I kept starring but I wasnt looking for anything. The calm within me was eerie . I have dealt with anxiety […]

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3 step jazz.

I stand still on this half broken hill starring down the valley with sun setting still . Oh I  see the smoke and hear you whistle,  darling you alone ?or  is she wearing your cologne? Its dark and cold outside but  you wouldn’t know, for  the fireplace in  our bedroom has enough coal I just […]

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Winter dusk, Pouring rain, Navy walls and mild cologne, His strong grip around her waist and those dark piercing eyes .. This time she knew she dint stand a chance. It was a lost battle . He was the mistake she would make over and over again . Inch by inch the distance diminished.Skipped heartbeats […]

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While others were busy snoozing their alarms , fighting way too hard to let go of the cozy warmth of their blankets ,There she was standing in the balcony holding a mild warm cup of coffee, her eyes focused on the calm and quiet road, occasionally the wind would blew her messy hair as if […]

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Couple of days back I went to a book store , while I was scanning each of the section , one by one , enjoying the solitude, savouring the moment , when the salesperson who was watching me for a while came and said to me , “Mam this xyz book is getting fantastic reviews […]